Bylaws & Policies




Approved Pending Special Meeting


1.0          DEFINITIONS

                In these Bylaws, unless otherwise specified:


  • “Act” means The Non-Profit Corporations Act, 1995 of Saskatchewan.


  • “Adult” means an individual 18 years of age or older.


  • “Association” shall mean the Battlefords Youth Soccer Inc. (B.Y.S.I.).


  • “Board,” “Board of Directors” and “Directors” means the directors of B.Y.S.I. for the time being.


  • “Bylaw” means any bylaw of B.Y.S.I. that shall be in force from time to time;


  • "CSA" means the Canadian Soccer Association.


  • "CONCACAF" shall mean the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football.


  • "FIFA" shall mean the Federation Internationale de Football Association.


  • “Member” shall mean all members of B.Y.S.I.


  • “Person” includes an individual, family, league, team, manager, coach, player, trainer, referee, partnership, association, corporation or any other entity recognized by B.Y.S.I.


(k)          "SSA" shall mean the Saskatchewan Soccer Association..




  • Words imparting the singular number shall include the plural and vice versa.


  • Words imparting the masculine gender shall include the feminine and neutral where appropriate and vice versa.




(a)          The Registered Office of the B.Y.S.I. shall be located in North Battleford, Saskatchewan.


(b)          B.Y.S.I. shall be identified in all notices, banking documents, contracts, correspondence and other communications by its legal name Battlefords Youth Soccer Inc.


4.0          AFFILIATIONS   


(a)          B.Y.S.I. shall establish and maintain membership with the Saskatchewan Soccer Association and, through that membership, shall be affiliated with the Canadian Soccer Association.


                (i) B.Y.S.I. shall govern and administer youth soccer according to the Conditions of Membership approved by the SSA Board of Directors.


(b)          B.Y.S.I. may establish and maintain membership and affiliation with such other associations as the Board of Directors shall determine from time to time.


5.0          OBJECTIVES


                The objectives of the B.Y.S.I. are:


  • To provide, develop and govern the game of soccer in the Battlefords and area.


  • To promote good health and physical fitness in youth.


  • To maintain and increase the interest in the game of soccer.


  • To promote fun and fair play.


6.0          MEMBERSHIP


(a)          B.Y.S.I. has one class of members:


(i)  Regular Members


(b)          Regular Members


(i) All players registered with B.Y.S.I. in accordance with the Bylaws and requirements of SSA and CSA;


(ii) All persons who are a parent or legal guardian of a registered player and who are identified as such on a player registration form.


                (c)           Rights of Membership


(i) All Regular Members of the B.Y.S.I. shall be entitled to be present and to be heard at all meetings of the Members, and, if they have attained the age of majority, shall be entitled to vote.


(ii) The parent, legal guardian, or player who is identified as the ‘account holder’ on the B.Y.S.I. website online registration form shall be considered a member and entitled to one vote regardless of the number of player registrations they are the account holder of.




(a)          Regular Membership in the B.Y.S.I. shall commence upon the registration of the member with B.Y.S.I.


(b)          The Board may, by resolution, and with the agreement of the Member, provide that any Membership shall commence and shall end at a date other than the date otherwise specified in these bylaws.




(a)          All applications for Regular Membership shall be approved by the Board.


(b)          Approval of membership is contingent on full payment of registration, and being in good standing with the organization. 




(a)           All Members, as a condition of Membership, shall agree to:


(i) Observe and respect the regulations, directives and decisions of B.Y.S.I. and, where applicable, of the SSA, CSA and FIFA; 


(ii) Meet all financial obligations to B.Y.S.I., and shall pay to B.Y.S.I. such Membership and other fees in such amounts and at such times as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors from time to time;


(iii) Comply with the Laws of the Game and all Rules of Competition as may be set by B.Y.S.I., SSA, CSA, CONCACAF and FIFA;


(iv) Uphold the values of loyalty, respect, equality, integrity and good sporting behaviour, and shall abide by such Code of Conduct as may be prescribed by the Board from time to time;


(v) Submit to such disciplinary processes as may be prescribed by B.Y.S.I., SSA, CSA, CONCACAF and FIFA, as provided for in the Bylaws;


  • Conditions of Participation Within B.Y.S.I. - Liability


(i) B.Y.S.I. shall not be responsible for any damage, injury, or loss of property to any member or person regardless of the reason or nature of such damage, loss or injury; and further, every member or person using the Soccer Hut or any other facility or fields used by B.Y.S.I. does so at his or her own risk.




                (a)          Membership in B.Y.S.I. shall terminate as a result of:


(i) The end of each season - Refer to 14.1 (a)


(ii) Written resignation by the Member. 


11.0        JURISDICTION


(a)           B.Y.S.I. shall follow the provisions outlined in the Bylaws and Policies of SSA and CSA according to the terms of membership laid out by SSA and CSA.


(i) B.Y.S.I. shall use the provisions outlined in the Bylaws and Policies of B.Y.S.I. and where no such policy exists, if applicable and if it is within the jurisdiction of B.Y.S.I., policy from the next highest level governing body shall apply.


(b)          The Association shall establish judicial processes to manage Formal Complaints and Appeals which operate independently of the Board and, whose members are not Directors and, whose terms of reference shall be set out in the policies of the B.Y.S.I.


(c)           B.Y.S.I. shall use the provisions outlined in the Bylaws and Policies of B.Y.S.I. and SSA as their exclusive remedy to resolve any and all disputes or disagreements between them and each waives any and all resort to the ordinary courts, including the federal courts, while internal remedies within the Saskatchewan and Canadian Soccer policies exist.


(d)          Any recourse to the courts of any jurisdiction in a dispute by any Member or Person before all rights of appeal and all internal rights and remedies within soccer in Canada have been exhausted, shall be deemed a violation and breach of these Bylaws.


(e)          Any Member or Person who, in a dispute, has sought court action before exhausting all proper procedures of appeal, will be liable for all legal costs and disbursements incurred by B.Y.S.I.


(f)           Any Member or Person who, having exhausted all proper procedures of appeal, proceeds with court action, will be liable for all legal costs and disbursements incurred by B.Y.S.I. prior to reinstatement of Good Standing with B.Y.S.I. should the courts rule in favour of B.Y.S.I.




(a)           Members or Persons who face a discipline process have a right to proper notice of any Discipline hearing, and, have the right to be heard, and, have the right to appeal the decision according to B.Y.S.I. policy except in the expulsion of a Member.


(b)          Any Member of Person may be disciplined for failure to act in accordance with the Bylaws, policies, directives, rules or Code of Conduct of B.Y.S.I.


  • Any Member who’s Membership has been suspended or terminated as a result of disciplinary proceedings shall not be entitled to receive any refund, in whole or in part, in respect of Membership fees paid by such Member.




(a)           Membership may be terminated by expulsion by resolution of the Board, if:


                (i) The Member fails to fulfill its financial obligations toward B.Y.S.I.


                (ii) The Member seriously or repeatedly violates the Code of Conduct, conditions of membership, Bylaws, policies or directives of B.Y.S.I.


(b)          No Membership shall be expelled without the member receiving a fair hearing.


(c)           Loss of Membership due to expulsion does not relieve the Member from its financial obligation toward B.Y.S.I. but shall lead to cancellation of all rights in relation to B.Y.S.I.




14.1        Voting


(a)          All Regular Members registered in the current outdoor season and all Regular Members registered in the last indoor season will be entitled to vote. Where a Regular Member was registered in both seasons, they will be entitled to only one vote.


(b)          Members can vote via telephone but are not able to vote assign their vote to a     proxy


(c)          Votes at a meeting of members shall be by show of hands unless a vote by ballot shall be requested by a Member in attendance, in accordance with the procedures set out in the Act.


14.2        Annual Meeting


  • An annual meeting of B.Y.S.I. shall be held in a place and on such date that the Directors may determine, in accordance with the requirements of the Act.


14.3       Special Meetings


(a)          A special meeting of B.Y.S.I. may be called at any time by the Directors and shall be called if requested in writing by a minimum of five percent of the Members in good standing, which request shall state the reason for calling the meeting.


(b)          No business shall be transacted at a special meeting other than the business that the Meeting was called to transact.


(c)           The voting procedures and meeting rules used at Special General Meetings shall be those used at Annual General Meetings.


14.4       Notice


(a)          Notice of any annual or special meeting of the Members shall be given to each Member at his/her last known address not more than 50 and not less than 15 days in advance of the meeting.


14.5        Quorum


(a)          A quorum for the purpose of any resolution at any general meeting shall be majority (50%+1) of voting Members present.


15.0        DIRECTORS


15.1        Board of Directors


  • The Board of Directors including the President and Vice-President shall consist of a minimum of 3 Directors, up to a maximum of 12.
  • The Past President shall remain active at the request of the President and/or Board, acting in an advisory, non-voting, capacity.


15.2       Terms of Office


(a)          All terms of office for Directors shall be one (2) year and shall be eligible for re-election.


(b)          The term of the President shall be two (2) years and shall be eligible for re-election.


(c)           The term of a sitting Past-President is one (1) year.




15.3        Nominations


(a)          Nominations may be made by any Member, with the written consent of the nominee, for the position of Director. 


(b)          A list of the nominees shall be circulated with the notice of annual meeting. If there is more than one nominee for a specific position, an election for such office or position shall take place. If only one nominee has been presented for a Board position, the individual shall be acclaimed.


(c)          A nominee who has allowed his or her name to stand for election but has been unsuccessful in such election may also allow his or her name to stand for any other position to be filled thereafter. 


15.4        Director Misconduct


a)                   A Director may be removed from participation at the Board for:

i.         a breach of ASSOCIATION Bylaws, Policies and Procedures, an/or Governance Policies, or
ii.       conduct that is deemed by the Board to be detrimental to ASSOCIATION, or for
iii.     lack of fulfillment of their responsibilities as a Director including a lack of participation (without notice) in three consecutive Board meetings.

b)      The initial investigation into allegations of misconduct of a Director are handled, internally by the Board.

c)       In the event of an allegation of misconduct the Board:

i.         Shall advise the Director in writing of the nature and extent of such allegations and provide the Director with an opportunity to make representations regarding same and shall also advise the Director in writing of any step or measure the Board might take if it determines that the allegation is valid.
ii.       May investigate and determine the validity of such allegation, upon receipt of the Directors response and/or in the absence of the Directors response by the specified deadline. As warranted by the investigation may take such steps or measures as it determines appropriate, including and without limitation, declaring that a Director has breached these guidelines and is no longer qualified to actively serve as a Director and is required to provide his/her resignation.
iii.     If the Director does not provide their resignation according to the terms outlined by the Board, the Board may release the findings of the investigation to the Members and make recommendation that the Members approve a resolution to permanently remove the Director at a special meeting of Membership.


15.5 Vacancies


  • A Board vacancy shall occur:


(i) If a Director becomes of unsound mind or becomes physically or mentally incapable of carrying out his or her responsibilities, or dies, or resigns, or is removed, or has the status of bankruptcy or where a Board vacancy has not been filled as a result of an election.


  • Where a vacancy occurs, all documents, records, books, funds or property of B.Y.S.I. shall be turned over to the Board of Directors.


  • Where a vacancy occurs for the position of Director, the Board may, by majority vote (50%+1), appoint another person, who shall serve as Director until the next Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.


  • Where a vacancy occurs in the President’s position, the Vice President shall assume the position of President and shall serve in that position on an acting basis until the next Annual General Meeting.


  • Where a vacancy occurs in the Vice President’s position a new Vice President shall be elected by majority vote (50%+1) of the Board and shall serve in that position on an acting basis until the next Annual General Meeting.


15.6        Role and Responsibilities


(a)          Board:


(i) Has authority over, and responsibility for, the affairs of B.Y.S.I. and shall be responsible to develop and implement policies, procedures and practices to effectively govern and grow the Association;


(ii) Is accountable to act with the best interests of the Association, now and in the future, in mind. In reaching any decision, takes into account the decision’s impact on the Association, both short and long term, while also considering the needs and interests of the members and stakeholders.


(iii) Ensures that B.Y.S.I. meets all legal requirements;


(iv) Ensures that B.Y.S.I. meets all of the membership requirements set out by the SSA; 


(v) Ensures that there are sufficient and appropriate human and financial resources for B.Y.S.I. to do its work;


(vi) Speaks with one voice on the basis of decisions made through formal motions at its meetings;


(vii) The Board of Directors may employ an Executive Director and other such staff, as may be supported by the approved budget, to carry out the work of B.Y.S.I.


(viii) The terms of reference, conditions of employment, and roles and responsibilities of the Executive Director and other staff shall be established by written contract.


(b)          President:


                (i) The President shall preside at meetings of the Board of Directors.


(c)           Vice President:


(i) The Vice President shall preside at Board Meetings in the absence of the President.


(d)          Directors:


  • Carry out his/her fiduciary duties (duty of care, duty of due diligence, duty of loyalty, duty of obedience) as matters of personal responsibility, which cannot be delegated to any other person or organization.


15.7        Conflicts of Interest and Remuneration


(a)    Where a Director shall be in a position where his or her interests may conflict with those of B.Y.S.I., the Director shall disclose the conflict of interest to the Board and shall be excused from any portion of any meeting where the matter is under consideration. A conflict of interest is deemed to arise where a Director, or a related person may be directly impacted or perceived to be directly impacted (either by being adversely affected or by being advantaged), financially or otherwise by a decision of the Board.


  • Contracts with outside businesses where a Director is employed or is the owner do not necessarily create a conflict of interest, provided that the Director complies with the provisions of this Bylaw, and the Act with respect to disclosure and abstinence from discussion and voting on the matter.


  • No Director shall receive any remuneration for service as Director of the Board, but a Director shall be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred in fulfilling Board duties and may also receive any other such honorarium as any other volunteer in the organization may receive.


15.8        Association Governance


  • The Board of Directors shall have full authority to develop and approve Governance & Operational and Membership policies which outline the policies, procedures and management of the Board and the Association.
    1. The Membership policies of the Association shall be posted on the website.
    2. The Governance & Operational policies of the Association are internal to the Board.


(b)          The Board may create and prescribe the duties, terms of reference and levels of authority of such committees as it may from time to time determine necessary to more effectively manage the affairs of B.Y.S.I. The Board may delegate to any such committee any of the powers of the Board except those that must be exercised by the Board itself, provided that any such delegation shall not limit the ability of the Board to make decisions on any subject matter so delegated. The procedures of any such committee or committees of the Board shall, except as otherwise determined by the Board, be those applicable to the Board.




16.1        Notice


(a)          Notice of any meeting of Directors shall be given to the Board not less than one (1) week before the meeting. Board meeting documents shall be forwarded to Directors before the meeting.


16.2        Voting


  • Each Director, with the exception of the President, shall have one vote. The President shall vote in the case of a tie. Except as otherwise required by the Act, all questions arising at any meeting of the Board shall be decided by a majority of the votes cast.


16.3        Quorum


(a)          A quorum of the Board of Directors shall be majority (50%+1) of voting directors present. In case of an even vote, the President shall be the tiebreaker.




17.1        Fiscal Year


(a)          The fiscal year of B.Y.S.I. shall end on January 31st each year.


17.2        Records


(a)          Directors shall keep proper records and accounts of all transactions of B.Y.S.I.


17.3       Financial Disclosure


  • The Board shall place before the Members at every annual meeting:


(i) Financial statements for the fiscal year ended, in accordance with the requirement of the Act.


  • The Board shall approve the year-end financial statement and confirm its approval by the signature of two Directors.


  • No financial statement shall be released or circulated unless it has been approved by the Board.


  • Y.S.I. shall make available to each Member, upon request, a copy of the year-end financial statements, free of charge.


17.4        Deposit of Funds in the Name of B.Y.S.I.


  • All funds of B.Y.S.I. shall be deposited in one or more accounts in the name of B.Y.S.I. at a financial institution designated by the Board. Funds may be invested only in current or chequing accounts or guaranteed interest bearing investments unless otherwise approved by resolution of the Board.


  • Two of the President, Vice-President and Director or one of the President, Vice-President or Director and one staff signing officer shall, unless changed by the Directors as hereinafter provided, be authorized to sign in the name of B.Y.S.I. all cheques, notes, bills of exchange or other negotiable instruments and all other documents or contracts pertaining to the business and financial affairs of B.Y.S.I. The Directors may, by ordinary resolution, change the designated Signing Officers or the required number of such authorized Officers, from time to time but in no case shall cheques or other financial instruments be issued with the approval of staff persons alone.


  • No member of the Board of Directors nor any member of B.Y.S.I. shall have the power to pledge the credit of B.Y.S.I. nor to enter into a contract or an agreement on behalf of B.Y.S.I. wherein B.Y.S.I. is or will be obligated for a sum that has not been approved by the Board of Directors.




(a)          The Board may amend the Bylaws that regulate the activities and affairs of B.Y.S.I. Bylaw amendments are in effect until such amendment is amended or rejected by the Membership. The Board shall submit all Bylaw amendments for approval by a majority (50%+1) vote at the next meeting.


(b)          Any member of B.Y.S.I. may propose changes to the Bylaws, which may only be amended at an Annual General Meeting or a special meeting called for that purpose. Adoption of any proposed Bylaw amendment shall require a two thirds majority vote.


(c)           No change, amendment, addition, or alteration to the Articles of Incorporation shall be made except at the annual meeting of B.Y.S.I. and shall require the agreement of a two-thirds majority of the members present.


(d)          Notice of any proposed amendment or change to the Bylaws or Articles shall be sent to the Members, at least 15 days before the meeting at which they are to be considered.


(e)          Before any proposed amendment to the Bylaws is presented to the annual meeting, it must be forwarded to the Board 30 days in advance of the Annual General Meeting.




  • In the event that liquidation or dissolution of B.Y.S.I. is deemed necessary, the method or procedure of liquidation or dissolution shall follow the Articles as prescribed in The Non-Profit Corporations Act, 1995 (Saskatchewan).


  • Upon dissolution of the B.Y.S.I., all remaining assets after payment of its liabilities shall be distributed to the City of North Battleford.




These Bylaws shall supersede all previous Bylaws and shall come into force at, and be effective from, the date of their approval by the members




BYSI Policies

June 2016




  1. Vision - To promote fun and fair play. To promote good health and physical fitness in youth.
  2. Mission
    1. To provide, develop and govern the game of soccer in the Battlefords and Area
    2. To maintain and increase the interest in the game of soccer


  1. BYSI is a non-profit membership group as recognized by the Province of Saskatchewan under The Non-Profit Corporations Act, 1995.
  2. BYSI is a member of the Saskatchewan Soccer Association (SSA).
  3. BYSI follows all SSA & CSA Bylaws and Policies
  4. TheBYSI Board is a volunteer Governance Board whose primary role is to provide strategic leadership and direction for the BYSI in pursuit of the Mission. Board members are nominated based on the strategic competencies required to fulfill the Associations mandate. The BSYI Board of Directors speaks as one through the President, and:
    1. Has governance authority for BYSI;
    2. Are responsible to:
      1. Maintain the trust and support of BYSI membership;
      2. Ensure that the Association operates in accordance with the highest ethical and moral standards;
  • Manage the internal affairs of the Board, including determining its structure, operating procedures, composition, nomination and election procedures, policies and procedures governing Board meetings, and assessing annually the performance of the Board and its Directors;
  • Approve the strategic plans, determine priorities and monitor performance against plans;
  1. Ensure that there are sufficient and appropriate human and financial resources for BYSI to accomplish its work; and,
  • Approve annual capital and operating plans and monitor performance against those plans.
  1. The BYSI Board is accountable to the SSA and the BYSI members.
  2. BYSI encourages open communication with all its members. As such, members may, at any time contact the BYSI board through its website for any comments or questions, which will be addressed upon receipt where possible or at the next board meeting for larger inquiries.  Note that complaints will be handled via the Complaints Policy Section 30. 
  3. While BYSI will maintain a Social Media presence the official source of communication remains through the website.


  1. The BYSI is founded on the principle of volunteerism and is dependent on the partnership of the Members and contributions of volunteers to support programming and governance at all levels.
  2. The BYSI shall have in place policies and strategies to support the recruitment, retention and development of volunteers and to recognize their contributions.
  3. Volunteer Management
    1. A ‘volunteer’ is anyone who serves without compensation or expectation of compensation beyond reimbursement and performs a task at the direction of and on behalf of the BYSI.
    2. A ‘volunteer’ must be officially accepted and enrolled by BYSI prior to performance of the task.
    3. The BYSI accepts the service of all volunteers with the understanding that such service is at the sole discretion of the BYSI.
    4. Unless specifically stated, volunteers shall not be considered as ‘employees’ of the BYSI, however, there shall be standards of performance established specific to each role and volunteers are expected to meet and maintain these standards during their involvement.
    5. Volunteers who do not adhere to the rules and procedures of the BSYI or who fail to satisfactorily perform their volunteer assignment are subject to dismissal.
    6. Volunteers agree that the BSYI may at any time, for whatever reason, decide to terminate the volunteer’s relationship with the BSYI.
    7. The volunteer may at any time, for whatever reason, decide to sever the volunteer’s relationship with the BSYI. Notice of such a decision should be communicated as soon as possible.
    8. Volunteers shall be extended the right to be given meaningful assignments, the right to be treated as equal co-workers, the right to effective supervision, the right to full involvement and participation, and the right to recognition for work done.
    9. Volunteers may be utilized in all programs and activities of the BYSI, and serve at all levels of skill and decision-making. Volunteers should not, however, be utilized to displace any paid employees from their positions.
    10. No person who has a conflict of interest (as per section 35 ) with any activity or program of BYSI, whether personal, philosophical, or financial shall be accepted or serve as a volunteer with the BSYI.
    11. Volunteers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all proprietary or privileged information to which they are exposed while serving as a volunteer, whether this information involves a single staff, volunteer, client, or other person or involves overall BYSI business.
    12. Failure to maintain confidentiality may result in termination of the volunteer’s relationship with the BYSI or other corrective action.
    13. When appropriate, clear, complete and current description of the volunteer duties and responsibilities of the position shall be provided along with an orientation in this role.
    14. Position descriptions should be reviewed and updated as required and typically shall include a description of the purpose and duties of the position, a designated supervisor, a timeframe for the performance of the job, a listing of job qualifications and a description of job benefits.
    15. Volunteers shall be recruited by the BSYI on a pro-active basis, with the intent of broadening and expanding the volunteer involvement of the community. Volunteers shall be recruited without discrimination; the sole qualification for volunteer recruitment shall be suitability to perform a task on behalf of the BSYI.
    16. Volunteers who have not reached their age of majority must have the written consent of a parent or guardian prior to volunteering. The volunteer services assigned to a minor should be performed in a non-hazardous environment and should comply with all appropriate requirements of child labour laws.
    17. As appropriate for the protection of members, volunteers in certain assignments may be asked to submit to a background criminal check. Volunteers who do not agree to the background check may be refused assignment.
    18. Volunteers are encouraged to grow and develop their skills while serving with the Association, and are to be assisted through promotion to new volunteer jobs to assume additional and greater responsibilities. Educational opportunities may be provided by the BSYI to grow the capacity of the volunteer to contribute in their role.
    19. Volunteers may be eligible for reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred while undertaking business for the BYSI. As per to section 37.
    20. As appropriate, volunteers shall have access to BSYI property and materials necessary to fulfill their duties, and shall receive training in the operation of any equipment. Property and materials shall be utilized only when directly required for BSYI purposes. Liability and accident insurance is provided for all volunteers engaged in BSYI business.


  1. To accomplish its mission of supporting and developing soccer players at all levels, BYSI shall offer different programs (competitive, skill development and recreation) in which players may choose to register.
  2. Players may choose to register in one or all programs.
  3. Recreational League (Herein referred to as Rec League):
    1. The aim of the Recreational League is to promote overall fitness and health through sport, in an all-inclusive environment, providing basic knowledge of the game in a fun environment.
    2. All children registered in the Recreational League will be placed on a team corresponding to their age group. Subject to guardian and board discretion.
    3. BYSI will endeavour to ensure all teams within the Rec League are created with equal levels of skill as well as male and female players.
    4. To ensure Rec teams are created as equally as possible, BYSI may elect to have the first few weeks of a given session as open practices where all players participate as one large group before players are provided with their teams for the remainder of the session. These first few weeks will also help provide all players with the basic skills required to enjoy the game and give coaches an opportunity to learn drills and create a social network with other coaches.


  1. Coaches for the Rec League will be volunteers (see also “Coaching Requirements”)
  2. Should coaches for the Rec League be a parent, that coach will normally coach their own child and may make a request to have other children placed on their team at the discretion of the Executive Director.
  3. Parent coaches may be eligible for reimbursement of their child’s fees at the termination of the season, but only one per team coached, provided that the coach was present, within reason, at league games.
  4. Teams entires are currently not permitted in BYSI League Soccer
  1. Competitive League (Herein referred to as Developmental League):
    1. The aim of the Competitive League is to promote a higher level of player skill development in a more competitive atmosphere.
    2. To partake in the Competitive League, children must attend a selection(s) or try-out(s) for a given age-group and must be determined to be of appropriate skill level by the coach of that given team.
    3. Selections may require additional fees to secure venues. Such fees will be communicated to all those registered within the Developmental League prior to any such selections.
    4. Any child not selected to participate on a competitive team may choose to be placed on a team within the Rec League at the current fee at the time of registration or be refunded their competitive registration fee.
    5. Coaches for the Competitive League will normally be a volunteer (see also “Coaching Requirements”, however, at the discretion of BYSI, competitive League coaches may be eligible for reimbursement of any travel expenses and incidental costs incurred while coaching (see also “Expense Policy”) as well as honorariums.
    6. The Competitive League will aim to have at least one female and one male team in the following age groups:
      1. U9
      2. U11
  • U13,
  1. U15
  2. U17 and U19
  1. In the event that there are not sufficient players to form a team in any one age group, the coaches may decide to combine not more than two age groups and/or female and male teams. It will be at the discretion of the players and their guardians whether they choose to participate in such a combined team, however, once a player has joined a team, no fee refund will be offered regardless if they choose to leave that team at a later time. (See also “Refund Policy”)
  2. Developmental players will be subject to additional fees above the standard registration fees in order to cover clothing, equipment, tournament and any other incidental costs. Additional fees will be determined by the individual teams and will be communicated to prospective players not later than at selection(s).  Any fundraising initiatives to offset these costs will be determined and coordinated by the individual teams.
  3. Competitive teams will not play in the Rec League.An application may be submitted to the BYSI board to have a competitive team to play in rec league as per the BYSI boards discretion.

Soccer Program

  1. BYSI will offer a year-round soccer program.
  2. Soccer Program:
    1. BYSI will offer by indoor and outdoor Rec and Competitive Leagues.
    2. Indoor Rec Leagues will run October - February
    3. Outdoor Rec Leagues will normally offer one session May-Jun.
    4. Indoor Competitive Leagues will normally offer one session Oct-March.
    5. Outdoor Competitive Leagues will normally offer one session Apr-July.
    6. To participate in a given session, players must be properly registered (see also “Registration Policy”)
    7. BYSI will offer a skills development program when numbers are permitted.

Registration Policy

  1. Players must be registered with BYSI.
  2. Registration Policy:
    1. Registration for all players will be open online through out the season unless decided by the Board of Directors to close at an earlier date.


  1. All registrations will be performed using SSA approved online system.
  2. Payment for all registrations must be made in full prior to the start of season. Failure to provide payment by start of season will result in a player not being placed on a team until payment is made in full.
  3. Third party payment will be made available until the posted deadline and is the responsibility of the member to submit all respective forms. Third party payment must be approved or received to BYSI by prior to the start of the season. Player will not be placed on a team until payment is received or approved subject to discretion of the board.


  1. Coaching is an essential component of successful player development. As such, BYSI will endeavour to support its coaches to the maximum extent possible by providing coaching development opportunities as well as emotional support.
  2. Coaching clinics will be offered annually and at no cost to coaches of BYSI
  3. BYSI will broadcast any coaching courses being offered by the SSA to its members.
  4. Coaching Requirements:
    1. All coaches must have a player-centered attitude where the kids and their well-being and development remain at the core of all coaching.
    2. Coaches will demonstrate respect for all players, opponents, officials, and spectators and will act professionally at all times.
    3. Player safety is a priority at BYSI. As such, all coaches must have a valid criminal record check or be in the process of obtaining a criminal record check when a given session commences.  Note that criminal record checks are valid for a one year period.  Fees for obtaining a criminal record check will be reimbursed by BYSI.
    4. All coaches must have “Respect in Sport” and “Making Headway”, which is an online course requiring no pre-requisites.
    5. It is strongly recommended that all Coaches have the necessary coaching level certification as deemed appropriate by the SSA for the given age group they are coaching.
    6. Coaches may, at their discretion, delegate non-coaching-type responsibilities such as ball carrying, tournament registration, logistical arrangements, etc. to one or more designated parents or guardians from the players on their team. If appropriate, the coach may select a team manager to perform designated functions for their team.

Referees and Linespersons

  1. Registered with SSA Referees and linespersons form an important part of the game. As such, BYSI will provide the following (see also “Fees”):
    1. Referees will be provided for all U11-U19 Rec League games. When a referee is unable to attend, a coach is responsible for assuming this position.


  1. Referees for all Competitive League games where BYSI is the host.
  2. BYSI will register referees and will offer a referee clinic at no charge to youth with obligations to referee which will be outlined in their contract and they can choose to pay the SSA fee directly to BYSI or have it docked from wages.
  1. Referee and Linesperson Requirements:
    1. Referees and linespersons will be fair, equitable, considerate, independent, honest, and impartial in all dealings with others.
    2. Referees and linespersons will have the necessary qualifications to officiate a given age group.
    3. Referees and Linespersons will conduct him/herself with dignity both on and off the field of play and shall, by example, seek to inspire the principles of fair play and earn the respect of those the referee serves.
    4. Referees and linespersons will be neat in appearance and maintain a high level of physical and mental fitness.
    5. Referees and linespersons will honor any appointments made for and accepted by them unless unable to do so by virtue of illness or personal emergency.
    6. Referees will not publicly criticize any other official.

Code of Conduct

  1. Respect and demonstration of appropriate conduct in sport is critical to overall enjoyment of the game. As such, all persons involved with BYSI shall adhere to a Code of Conduct.
  2. Code of Conduct:
    1. Comply, at all times, with the BYSI bylaws, policies, procedures, directives, and rules and regulations, as adopted and amended from time to time.
    2. Resolve issues that may be in dispute in a professional and civil manner.
    3. Maintain and enhance the dignity and self-esteem of members, organizers and other individuals by:
      1. Demonstrating respect to individuals regardless of body type, physical characteristics, athletic ability, age, ancestry, colour, race, citizenship, ethnic origin, place of origin, creed, disability, family status, marital status, gender identity, gender expression, sex, and sexual orientation.
    4. Focus comments or criticism appropriately and avoid public criticism.
    5. Consistently demonstrate the spirit of sportsmanship, sport leadership, and ethical conduct.
    6. Consistently treating individuals fairly and reasonably.
    7. Ensure adherence to the rules of the sport and the spirit of those rules.
    8. Demonstrate respect for the Fair Play Principles of Sport, which are:
      1. Respect for both the letter and spirit of the rules;
      2. Respect for referees and their decisions;
  • Respect for opponents, including modesty in victory and composure in defeat;
  1. Facilitation of access to sport; and,
  2. Maintenance of self-control at all times.
  1. Respect the property of others and not wilfully cause damage
  2. Refrain from the use of power or authority in an attempt to coerce another person to engage in inappropriate activities
  3. Comply with the BYSI Conflict of Interest Policy (see also “Conflict of Interest Policy”)
  4. Refrain from consuming alcohol, tobacco products, or drugs while participating in the BYSI programs, activities, competitions, or events. In the case of adults, avoid consuming alcohol in situations where minors are present.
  5. Promote the sport in the most constructive and positive manner possible.

Complaints Policy

  1. Unfortunately as part of every organization, it is anticipated that complaints and disputes may arise. As such, BYSI will resolve such matters in a timely and respectful manner.
  2. Complaints Policy:
    1. Any person involved in BYSI or of the general public may initiate a complaint using the online complaint form and emailed to the executive director via the BYSI website.


  1. Complaints should include the following information as a minimum:
    1. Details of any related event or occurrence including time, date, location and persons involved; and
    2. Any desired or recommended resolutions.
  2. Appeals of any BYSI disciplinary decision will be considered a complaint, but rather will be handled in accordance with the Discipline policy (see also “Discipline Policy”).
  3. All complaints received in writing, and the corresponding resolution, will be held by BYSI on file for a period of not less than three years.
  4. All written complaints will be brought up at the next BYSI board meeting where resolution will be determined by the board.When a complaint is made in between board meetings, the Executive Director will then communicate the complaint to the board for direction.
  5. The resolution for a given complaint will be communicated to the involved party within one week following the board meeting where that resolution was determined.

Discipline Policy

  1. To ensure all BYSI members, coaches, referees, linespersons and players uphold the principles of respect in sport, a Discipline policy will be put in place.
  2. Discipline Policy:
    1. All members, coaches, referees, linespersons and players will follow the BYSI Code of Conduct as well as obey all rules and regulations put in place by the SSA or any other sanctioned event in which they are participating.
    2. All BYSI personnel while representing BYSI will refrain from:
      1. Aggressive or inappropriate behaviour on or off the field of play.
      2. Intimidation of any other person.
  1. Public criticism of other players or officials
  • Using foul language
  1. Use of any illegal or banned substances.
  1. Failure by any BYSI personnel to abide by the above or any breach to the BYSI Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action, which may be applied singularly or in combination, including:
    1. Verbal or written reprimand.
    2. Verbal or written apology.
  • Service or other voluntary contribution.
  • Removal of certain privileges of membership for a designated period of time.
  1. Suspension from a designated competition(s), activity(ies), or event(s).
  • Any other sanction considered appropriate for the offense.
  • Discipline specific to the SSA’s Tournament Discipline Procedure, if applicable
  1. BYSI will use the Discipline Policy of the SSA as guidance in determination of any disciplinary actions.
  2. Depending on the severity of a given offense, BYSI may report the offense to the SSA for adjudication.
  3. Appeals of any disciplinary action must be made to the BYSI board in writing by the individual affected by the disciplinary action within 14 days of receiving that adjudication of their offense and will include the following:
    1. Name of person affected by the disciplinary action.
    2. Designated Start Date of given disciplinary action.
  • Rationale for Appeal.
  1. The BYSI board will address all appeals at its next board meeting or, if the Designated Start Date of that disciplinary action is prior to the next meeting, the board may elect to convene a special meeting for the purpose of addressing the appeal at their discretion.
  2. Any discipline invoked by the SSA will follow the SSA Appeals Policy instead.
  3. All Disciplinary actions and resolutions, will be held by BYSI on file for a period of not less than three years.

Conflict of Interest Policy

  1. In order to avoid Conflict of Interest BYSI will be aware and forthcoming and have a Conflict of Interest Policy.
  2. The Conflict of Interest Policy applies to all BYSI volunteers, members, coaches, players and employees.
  3. Conflict of Interest Policy:
    1. BYSI volunteers, members, coaches, players and employees will not:
      1. Place them in a position where their loyalty or objectivity maybe questioned as they have a duty to another organization.
      2. Engage in any business or transaction, or have a financial or other personal interest, that is incompatible with their official duties with BYSI, unless such business, transaction, or other interest is properly disclosed to the BYSI and approved by the BYSI
  • Knowingly place themselves in a position where they are under obligation to any person or organization who might benefit from special consideration or who might seek preferential treatment
  • In the performance of their official duties, give preferential treatment to family members, friends, colleagues, or organizations in which their family members, friends, or colleagues have an interest, financial or otherwise
  1. Derive personal benefit from information that they have acquired during the course of fulfilling their official duties with BYSI, if such information is confidential or not generally available to the public
  • Engage in any outside work, activity, or business or professional undertaking that conflicts or appears to conflict with their official duties as a representative of BSYI, or in which they have an advantage or appear to have an advantage on the basis of their association with BSYI.
  • Without the permission of BSYI, use the BYSI’s property, equipment, supplies, or services for activities not associated with the performance of their official duties with the BSYI.
  • Place themselves in positions where they could, by virtue of being an BYSI Representative, influence decisions or contracts from which they could derive any direct or indirect benefit
  • Accept any gift or favour that could be construed as being given in anticipation of, or in recognition for, any special consideration granted by virtue of being a BYSI Representative.
  1. Anyone failing to meet the Conflict of Interest Policy will be subject to disciplinary action which may include, but is not limited to:
    1. Removal or temporary suspension of certain responsibilities or decision-making authority.
    2. Removal or temporary suspension from a designated position
  • Removal or temporary suspension from certain teams, events and/or activities
  1. Other actions as may be considered appropriate for the real or perceived conflict of interest
  1. Any person believing that someone is involved in a Conflict of Interest will submit his or her concern via the Complaint Policy.

Expense Policy

  1. To ensure fair reimbursement of expenses to those directly supporting the BYSI program, the following policy will be used.
  2. Expense Policy
    1. Any BYSI board members, BYSI employees, BYSI Volunteer and Competitive League coaches may claim reasonable expenses during officially endorsed activities sanctioned by BYSI. All expenses required approval of the BYSI board prior to any activity.
    2. Expenses will be processed as reimbursements to the individual following the sanctioned event. No advance payments will be issued.
    3. Reasonable expenses include:
      1. Mileage to and from the sanctioned event provided it is more than 25 km outside the Battlefords. Mileage will be covered at the cost of .44cent a kilometre.
      2. Hotel fees for multiple day sanctioned events, where event activities must occur on both days or where the individual could not reasonable have returned home for safety reasons should the event terminate late in the evening and provided that the event is more than 100km outside the Battlefords.
  • All meals (breakfast (8$), lunch (14$) and dinner (19$)) that were consumed while attending a sanctioned event provided receipts are provided. Note that alcoholic beverages will not be reimbursed. Breakfast can be claimed prior to 7am departure or when breakfast is not included/provided by hotel or event. Supper may be claimed if arriving back in the Battlefords after 6pm. Meals cannot be claimed if they are provided by the event or hotel.
  1. Any additional fees directly in support of a sanctioned event that are accompanied by a receipt.

Refund Policy

  1. BSYI hopes to have all players continue upon registration, however, in the event that is not possible, the following policy directs how any refund might be issued.
  2. Refund Policy
    1. Any recreation player choosing to withdraw from a given BYSI season will receive a full refund of their registration fees provided they do not engage in the first game of that session.
    2. Any recreation player choosing to withdraw after the second game of a given BYSI season will receive a partial reimbursement.
    3. No refund will be given after the start of the third game to any recreation player .
    4. Competitive reimbursement will be at the discretion of the competitive coordinator
    5. Any player removed from any team for disciplinary action will not be refunded any fee.
    6. Refunds will be reimbursement through the same method which they were paid to the payee.


  1. Fees
    1. Will be presented and approved by the Board of directors prior to each season
    2. All fees for the leagues include rental of facilities, SSA Insurance, and provision of a jersey and ball per player and any other set out cost by BYSI clarified in a Board Meeting (requiring approval)




It is not an option to not follow SSA/CSA policies



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